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Last reviewed: 11/10/2010
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Dental Education5 records found

student instrument case

student instrument case with six leather lined drawers and a foil compartment in the lid. There is a carrier handle in the top and a metal plaque inset in the lid.
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Image of student instrument case

demonstration model

a case containing 18 examples of teeth showing the different uses of porcelain inlays in restorations and how to prepare teeth for porcelain inlays. Made by William Dall.
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Image of demonstration model

anatomical teaching model

life-size, papier-mâché anatomical teaching model of a male human body. The model is made of painted, lacquered papier-mâché with an internal metal frame for support. The model consists of 25 dissectible parts with over 2000 details illustrating the muscles, bones, blood and nerve supply. The model is housed in an oak box.
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Image of anatomical model

anatomical model

Anatomical model with the upper and lower jaws of an adult showing the second dentition. The nerves are exhibited on one side and the arteries and veins on the other. The bones are bleached and mounted on metal pillar on an ebony and gilt brass stand with a glass dome over the top (not shown in picture).
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Image of anatomical model

dental teaching model

Phantom head with moveable metal jaw and 24 natural teeth in black composition. The head is set on a metal bracket.
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Image of dental teaching model