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Last reviewed: 11/10/2010
Last updated: 11/10/2010

LDBDA : 8039


Claudius Ash Dental Catalogue, 1858. Illustrated. With prices. 40 pages.

Claudius Ash was a jeweller working in the West End of London in the 1820s. He often had to make pieces of dental gold for local dentists and saw an opportunity to expand to other dental products. Claudius Ash disliked working with the human teeth that were used in ivory dentures at the time so his first product was tubeless porcelain teeth. These teeth were very popular and as more products were added the company grew. By the mid 19th century Claudius Ash dominated the European market in dental equipment. Later they became an international company. In 1924 Claudius Ash merged with De Trey and Company to form the Amalgamated Dental Company. It is now a division of Plandent Limited.

Claudius Ash and Sons 1858

paper, card, printing ink; length 150mm; height 100mm; depth 4mm

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