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Last reviewed: 11/10/2010
Last updated: 11/10/2010

LDBDA : 5643

extra oral appliance

Dr Edward H Angle's Head Gear for orthodontic use. Original box containing a metal and silk net cap, hooks, a bar, an arch wire and instructions.

Edward H. Angle (1855 - 1930) was one of the most important contributors to the field of orthodontics. He published a classification of malocclusions in 1899 and opened the Angle School of Orthodontia in St Louis, USA, in 1900. He created orthodontic appliances which could be assembled from prefabricated parts to suit individual problems. This extra oral appliance consists of a silk net laced to a metal band. This fitted over the head and could be adjusted to any size of head. The traction bar at the front of the mouth was designed to be used with a contraction arch to draw in protruding upper incisors. The pressure on the teeth would gradually be increased by adjusting the elastic bands holding the bar. Patients were encouraged to wear the headgear as often as possible during treatment. In the 1917 S.S. White Dental Mfg. Co. catalogue the headgear costs $4 and the traction bar $2.

S.S. White Dental Manufacturing Co. circa1895-1920

chrome plated metal, silk, elastic; diameter : 150mm

Image of extra oral appliance