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Last reviewed: 11/10/2010
Last updated: 11/10/2010

LDBDA : 12101

presentation certificate

certificate conferring membership for Professor Karl Weld of the Odontological Society of Great Britain.

On 10th November 1856 a group of prominent and influential dentists formed the Odontological Society, the first professional dental society in England. Their purpose was to unite the dental profession and to campaign for a professional diploma to be provided by the Royal College of Surgeons. The Society played a significant role in establishing the LDS and the1878 Dentists Act. Monthly meetings were held where papers were presented and new inventions disscussed. The notes of these meetings were published in the Transactions of the Odontological Society.

Odontological Society of Great Britain 4.12.1874

paper; length 520 mm; width 375 mm

Image of certificate