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Last reviewed: 11/10/2010
Last updated: 11/10/2010

LDBDA : 12055

indenture certificate

Indenture for apprenticeship of Frederick Hart-Jones to Robert Ransom, Surgeon and Dentist. Dated 28 October 1847. Text is part hand written and part printed on a parchment sheet. There are three red seals in the bottom right hand corner and a stamp for 1. The sealing wax is stamped onto a black ribbon which is threaded through the parchment. Ink has faded.

Prior to the introduction of the first dental qualification, the LDS, in 1860 apprenticeships were the most structured path to a career in dentistry. The earliest evidence of a dental apprenticeship dates from 1720. Apprenticeships could vary in length from three to eight years. There were often strict terms of contract between the apprentice and the master and these were set out in the indenture document. This indenture forbids Frederick Hart-Jones from getting married, from playing cards or dice and from visiting taverns. In return, he is taught the arts of the surgeon and apothecary and provided with food and lodging.


parchment, ink, sealing wax, ribbon, stamp; length 245mm; width 355mm

Image of certificate