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Last reviewed: 11/10/2010
Last updated: 11/10/2010

LDBDA : 10184C

black and white photograph

black and white photograph of an unregistered dental practice, W. Gibb Macnab Dental Rooms, Glasgow.

The Dentists Act of 1878 established the Dentists Register and aimed to restrict the practice of dentistry to registered dentists. Practitioners who could prove they had been involved in the practice of dentistry prior to 22nd July 1878 were also included in the register. Between 1878 and 1921 the number of unregistered practitioners was larger than the numbers of registered dentists. This was due to a loophole in the law which enabled unregistered practitioners to practice as long as they avoided using the titles of 'dentist' and 'dental surgeon'. The Dentists Act of 1921 finally tightened this loophole so that only qualified dentists could practise dentistry. This photograph shows an unregistered dental room.

Crippen 10.1.1910


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